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Have you always wanted to learn how to fly an airplane? P&L Air is a local aviation company providing private and commercial flying lessons, aircraft rental and private air transportation throughout Western New York.

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Whether you’re learning to fly or seeking a better air transportation solution for your business, P&L Air is the right choice for you. We maintain a fleet of high-performance airplanes and offer a variety of aviation services to best meet your needs, including:

  • Discovery flights
  • FAA-certified pilot training courses
  • Flight equipment training
  • Aircraft buying assistance
  • Aircraft management programs

Experience the freedom and adventure that flying offers. Reach out to us today to learn more about our aviation services. 

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P&L Air owner, Peter Lockner, has been a private flight instructor since 1986. After graduating with a master's degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University, he went on to become a well-known single-engine, multi-engine and IFR-certified instructor in the local aviation community. With over 11,500 hours of flight time and experience with over 100 models of aircraft, P&L Air can help you get ahead in the field of aviation.

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